Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Computers are wonderful and EVIL!

I have been busy with a thousand things like editing my current project, getting my second project going, working, migraines, cleaning, usual day to day activities, getting used to a new migraine drug which is making me goofy (my friends are telling me that personality state is nothing new for me.), and dealing with my 3 computers and the new network I am slowly working on building.

I don't think I will
go this far in my network!

As you have guessed from the heading of my post the main source of my frustration of the last couple of weeks has been computers. I realized that I am totally out of date with current technology and have no idea how a home network works along with wireless technology. To make things even better I need to learn all that and get it working and secure from hackers.

I started with research on what I wanted to build. Then I started with pulling my three desktop units out, dusted them off, and tore them open to see what guts they had. Then I had to figure out what I had and what I needed. One of the computers was custom built by a friend so I had no idea what the specs were on it and what products were used. Then I went and wiped the hard drives on them of all useless programs that I didn't want. That is where things got all hinky.

Computer one didn't want to erase all the programs that I wanted. I didn't want to do a full disk erase and just wanted to remove certain programs and couldn't. I compacted the remaining files but couldn't defrag the disk. So I abandoned that one and went to the next one.

Computer two erased all the programs I wanted but then didn't want to load the printer program and windows media program that I wanted on it. I tried 8 times to load the printer program before it would load. The windows media program still won't load.

Computer three erased only some of the programs and not others. Then it dumped the Internet. I tried for three days to get it to connect to the Internet and reloaded all the drivers and a bunch of other junk before I finally gave up. Yesterday I sat down with my munchies and a diet pepsi and got ready for another attack session with it and when I booted it up it connected on the first try. Huh! WTF!!!!! Someone upstairs is really messing with me here.

Why am I working so hard on all three. I don't want to do a full disk erase and start with a clean disk because:
A: I don't have driver programs for computer one.
B: Computer two is old and the programs are outdated and I am afraid the drivers don't exist anymore.
C: Computer three is just plain stubborn enough to be the harbinger of the dreaded blue screen of death.

So the long process continues and I wait for the computer parts I ordered. I will let you know how it all works out in the end. I do have 6 months free cable so no hurry.

Have a great day.