Friday, December 7, 2012

Update on what's happening since my last post.

Greetings everyone,

I have neglected to post anything for pretty much the whole year. It's been a crazy year as I was busy with several things.

I finally got to see Max for the first time in over two years. He was able to come home for a visit after finishing his second tour in Afghanistan. It was a surprise as he didn't tell me he was coming home. Everyone had a good laugh at my reaction. A blubbering idiot is not a pretty sight. We had a great time catching up and taking a trip to Texas to see old friends.

My health issues continue with me seeing a super specialist. He has tried various treatments but so far none have worked. We've been trying to avoid surgery again, as it would be a 10 hour surgery with a very long recovery time. Meanwhile I just hang in there and try to enjoy life the best I can.

When I had surgery last year I was sitting on the couch bored. Sick of reading and watching TV I wondered what to do. By pure inspiration I decided to write down a little story that was bouncing around in my mind. Since then I have written 2 books and have 3 others in the works. I'll post a link to the two that I have published with Amazon Kindle. "The Sound of Fire" is the first in a series about a hearing-impaired firefighter. "From Humvee to RV" is about a journey around the US in an RV with a military working dog. Feel free to provide any feedback about them as I welcome any advice, suggestions, or errors. I'm not perfect so I may have missed something. 

The biggest thing is I am currently in escrow to buy a home. Yes, it's a huge step and a frustrating one at that. I've never realized the amount of paperwork, appointments, and calls it takes to get one. Keeping my fingers crossed everything goes well and I'll be able to close escrow the first of the year. Mom said it was a perfect Christmas gift to myself. I think it's a scary one because as I was filling out paperwork I was terrified from all the big dollar amounts. But the nice thing is my mortgage payment will be less than what I pay in rent. 

I hope the year has been good to you all and wish you a very Merry Christmas. I'll try to do better and keep you up to date on happenings around here and I'll also post when the other books are published.

Have a great day. 

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                                                         The Sound of Fire

From Humvee to RV