Sunday, January 23, 2011

Answer to Christmas Clues

This is the answer to all of the clues I have posted.

Clue #1 : English Origin

Clue #2 : Spiky crazy hair

Clue #3 : Yorkshire

Clue #4 : Poodle

Figured it out yet?  There were some really great guesses.

Still not sure??????

Need another clue???????

Well I won't keep you hanging any further...................

Answer : A little Yorkie-Poo Puppy

Mom is holding the newest member of the family, Miss Sugar.
She was a very late christmas present but well worth it.

Merikay had figured out most of the clues but didn't figure out the final answer but gets kudos as being the closest. You guys have to stop being literal. Haven't you learned anything from Nellie?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Christmas Clue #4

Ok, now this one will be tricky. So far no one has guessed yet. Merikay is getting close though. Tomorrow I will post the answer.

Hint #4

Friday, January 21, 2011

Christmas Clue #3

So far no one has guessed right, but there were some pretty funny guesses.
Ok, this should be an easy one.

Hint #3

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Christmas clue #2

If you haven't been keeping up I am playing a game. I am giving you clues to what the late christmas present was. The prize you win will be the pride of guessing first.

Here is Hint #2.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

christmas clue #1

I thought I would make a game of this. Every day I will post a clue as to what the late christmas present was that I have been hinting about.

Clue # 1 for today

Let's see who guesses first. No there is no prize for this except for the pride of guessing first.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm Baaaaacccckkkk!

Well, I know you all have been wondering where I have been since I haven't posted or commented lately. Well I spent a week in Texas and my hotel didn't have WiFi working. Guess that is what you get for staying in el cheapo motel. I found out I am rusty on my spanish because I couldn't remember the word for pillow when I saw a maid in the hallway and I wanted another pillow. Mine felt like it was stuffed with foam golf balls. Oh well, can't be too pickey when you are in cheap accommodations.

I had a blast there and I ate too much good food, bummed around with my friends from near and far and had a great time partying on the pub crawl. No, I was a good girl and didn't get crazy drunk. I forgot my camera but will search my friends photos to see if I have the photo of my costume. Yes, I froze my buns during the pub crawl but it was fun.

We had a raffle to benefit a friend that had a major stroke and raised 1200 bucks. People at the bar along with our running group participated and they had some great prizes. I won a great running jacket courtesy of our Washington DC chapter. Guess this means that I need to get out running more to make good use of it and loose all the weight I gained eating good ole Texas BBQ. My favorite is still the Brisket.

Now back to the real world, so-so food, and my blogging buds.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

7 things about me.

Nellie of Diary of a Midlife Cruiser asked us to post 7 things about us.

1. I have 3 boys and 1 girl. Yep, gotta cross those legs when sneezing.

2. I am shy until I get to know someone unless some liquid courage is involved.

3. I don't drink beer unless I am running. Great for a carbo boost. Now give me a fruity girly drink and I am there partying away.

4. I have a little itty bitty makeup stash in a Ziploc baggie. Unlike Nellie I hardly wear makeup. Maybe that is why I am still single!

5. I can lip-read a conversation from across the room. Now my friends cover their face to keep me from snooping in on the conversation.

6. Have committed a felony and not got caught. (Toilet papered a police car)

7. Being pregnant 4 times I have perfected the art of picking up things with my toes.

So tag right back at ya Nellie and list 7 of the craziest things you have done. Yes I know that you are crazy all the time but I am sure you can come up with something really good.

Life in a hospital

Working in a hospital I see everything from simple cold to really bad stuff. But every once in a while there is a case that is really funny. Looking back at the last year we had some pretty funny ones and a few sad ones. For example:

Very drunk dude decided to jump out of truck going 60mph. When he was brought in all he was complaining about was that his foot hurt. Ya think!!!!! After knocking him out because he wasn't co-operating, all of the work was done and whadda you know, his alcohol level was 0.23. I think he was hurting in more places than his foot the next morning.

3am a fellow calls 911 and said he hurt his hand. Paramedics responded and find out that he cut 3 fingers off while using the skill saw. Well, maybe it is just me but what are you doing operating a saw at 3 in the morning. They managed to find the fingers, pack it on ice, and bring the poor feller in.

A older gentleman decided that he wanted to get frisky on his date and takes a little blue pill that night. Well the intended effects lasted way longer than it was supposed to. He came in embarrassed and in agony. It was funny but we also sympathized with him because of the pain he was in.

Man comes in with a nasty gash on his head along with a few goose eggs. When asked what happened, he hemmed and hawed and didn't want to say. After several more questions the truth finally came out. He decided to go out with his buddies and party the night away forgetting about the little wife at home. Well he came home to a barrage of pots, pans, and other dishes.

Cutest moment was when I entered the ER and was in a hurry because we were getting slammed. Instantly a smile was on my face because of a little guy. A mom had brought in a little toddler who had just learned how to walk. Here he was marching down the hallway, albeit a little wobbly, just happy as can be and babbling away. He had mom, IV pole, and nurse following and everyone he passed by got a big smile on their face. This included nurses, doctors, and patients waiting in the hallway. It is unusual to have a happy kid in the ER.

Saddest moment was a mother had just delivered her baby and had complications afterwards. After she was transferred to ICU she went into cardiac arrest. We worked on saving her for the next 7 hours until shift change. We were trying every medicine in our arsenal and even had to look up in a book to find out other ones not normally used. When I came back to work that night the first question I asked was about her. They lost her at 2 that afternoon. I can say that we pulled out all the stops and more to save her but it wasn't meant to be.

A lot of people think that people that work in a hospital are cold and have no feelings because of everything that we see. Well, I can say that we do feel it and when something major happens there is a physical ripple throughout the hospital. As for the case of the mother, everyone in the hospital knew about her and was rooting for her to make it. And yes, rumors do fly at lightning speed in a hospital.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Interesting quotes from childhood

This morning I was reading blogs that I follow and DONNA had a funny post. She had listed quotes from her parents when she was little and if we used them on the kids today. Funny enough I tried not to do that but a couple leaked though anyway.

The most famous statement came from my sister. One year I had brought all 4 kids over from Calif. to visit my sister. At that time the boys were 9, 7, & 3. She has a son who was a spoiled only-child. He was pretty good playing with other kids but at home he was used to playing by himself. Well he was having a conniption fit because my 3 boys were all into his toys and he didn't want to share.

My sister and I were in the kitchen with my daughter and we noticed my nephew kept walking by us with a toy, hide it in the guest room, and go back upstairs. He did that several times. Then we started getting interrupted by arguments between the boys about the toys. After the 10th time my sister had enough.

Here we are sitting there with 4 boys all taking at once and my sister stopped them all.

She said "Is someone bleeding?"
Boys "NO"
"Is someone dying?"
"Well then go play and stop interrupting us and don't come back unless someone is bleeding or dying!"

There in a priceless moment were 4 boys with a mighty confused look. They all dropped their heads and walked back upstairs. We didn't hear a peep after that and that rule has stayed over the years. Great thing about that is the kids learned how to figure out their arguments between themselves. Granted there may have been a few black eyes and stiches over the years but it worked.

Friday, January 7, 2011

First day of vacation.

Yahoo!!!!!!! I am now on vacation for the next 21 days. I can be a couch potato, sleep-in, and do whatever I want. Now if I only had my RV already then I would be outta here. Oh well, someday.

I spent the first day of vacation arguing with the dealership over some warranty repairs that were long overdue on the car. I had to fix the oil pan gasket, find a electrical problem with the headlights, and fix the rear window defroster. I at least won 2 of the battles, new battery and a new gasket, and still have to go to the original dealership where I bought the car to fix the final thing. I live pretty far from them and was going to a dealership closer to my house but after many calls I have had to concede defeat and take my bum to them for the window. I will have to save that for another day. I am tired.

What are my plans for vacation. Well, first I am going to do spring cleaning of the house. Cleaning out the clothes, junk drawer, my coupon stash, and worst of all tackling the file folder for the rotation to the new year. I hate tackling the file folder because as we all know it is a reminder that Uncle Sam is going to be knocking on my door soon. I am dreading what he is going to hit me up for since I no longer have Max to claim as a dependent.

But the best part is I am going to be packing for a long awaited trip to Texas. I go to a runners convention every year there in Jan. I love going there since it is a chance to see many friends that live on the other side of the country. We may only get to see each other once a year but we do make the most of it. Every day we run a different trail (4-6 miles if you don't get lost), relax and talk, eat great food, and finish up with a long soak in the huge hot tub at the hotel.

On Friday night they are going to have a Pub-Crawl with a costume theme. We have one every year and this year's theme is Elvis. I was not so sure about this years theme. Usually the theme is more broad and gives me a chance to figure out something that will work and keep me warm. I looked long and hard and compared making one myself to just buying something pre-made and ended up buying something online. The pic is what I ended up with. Yes, it does have the cape in the back and no I will not be warm. Guess I will have to run from bar to bar to keep warm.

After the convention I am going to hit some BBQ joints that I love and take my time traveling back to AZ. I am drooling right now thinking about it.

Have a great day everyone.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Working off those holiday calories, the hard way.

Happy New Years everyone.
Well, it is still freezing here but at least this morning there was no ice on my car. I did not have a good new years. I spent it working and ended up walking off all of the calories I consumed over the holidays. Wanna know how???????

At my hospital we have a pneumatic tube delivery system to send meds to all of the units. Our's decided to go kerplunk. Sooooo, I spent the night running around the entire 400 bed, 5 story, 4 tower hospital delivering meds to everyone.

Needless to say, I burned a ton of calories since I was walking non-stop for 11 hours. I am finally at home, sitting on the couch with my feet pleading me for mercy and happy the night is over with. I do have the joy of looking forward to more calorie burning nights for the rest of the weekend since the system is not going to be fixed until Monday.

Sheeesh, I guess I shouldn't have made my new years wish to lose some weight. The big man upstairs must be having a great laugh at me for that one.

Again, Hoping you had an awesome new years and wishing you the best in 2011.