Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Entertaining the kids on road trips.

My Mom and I are planning a road trip with the little ones to see my grandmother in California. While I was busy planning all the details I got to thinking about all the road trips taken over the years with my parents and ones with the kids.

Many years ago on a long road trip with my Mom and all 4 of the kids Mom came up with a game. It was something to keep them entertained and it surprisingly has continued to this day. So everytime we are in the car for a bit the little ones ask to play the game. It has kept them occupied, prevents the arguments between them, and gives them something to take their minds off the long drive. They even ask to do it on short drives now. Go figure!!!!

The game is pretty simple. A person picks a letter. Lets say it is R. Now you take turns saying a word that starts with the letter R. Race car, Roadrunner, Rocket, and you keep going until a person can't think of a word or duplicates a word said earlier. That person is out and you keep going until there is one person left. It is pretty interesting what words the kids think of. And it is actually helping them learn words that they never think about. Sometimes we even have arguments on the proper spelling of a word because the sound of a word is different then the spelling.

Who knew that all these years later that something so simple would entertain the kids all these years later.

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  1. That's a great game! It would be fun to play on a rainy day too :)