Thursday, November 11, 2010

Salute to all our veteran's and those currently serving

I want to honor all veteran's on this special day. I come from a long line of veterans and my son is currently serving in Afghanistan.

I honor my family who have served going all the way back to my great grandfather who served in the Navy. Then my grandfather served in the Marines and then the Navy. My father served in the Army. And now my son proudly serves with the Marines. 

I also want to honor all the veterans for all that they have done and sacrificed. It would be a different world today if they hadn't gone and served for us. I have the pleasure of knowing many veterans and they are truly a humble group. They think of nothing of what they did. They sacrificed time with their family and missing special occasions, some missed the birth of their child, some sacrificed their health, and some sacrificed their lives for us. We could never begin to repay you for your service other than to salute you and say a most heartfelt Thank You.

My son wrote to me the other day and he said that despite being in the middle of a war zone he is happy because he is with his family. His brothers will take care of him and he will take care of them. He looks forward to the opportunity to make a difference just like his family did before him.

So to my extended family I send you my thanks, prayers, and love.


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