Friday, December 31, 2010

Brrrrrrrrrr, It's cold here!

I couldn't believe how cold it was here. 27 freakin degrees!!!!!  Now I moved to Arizona for 2 things, cheaper to live here and warm weather. Well, I am not so sure anymore about #2. I left work only to find my car covered with  ice and had to get out an old ID card to scrape my windows.

All I had on was my thin uniform and a hoodie sweater. I was completely frozen and my fingers were stinging when I was done. I moved to Arizona so I wouldn't be cold anymore!!!!! What happened!!!!!!!

And the great thing is it's going to be even colder tonight. Guess that long underwear hiding somewhere in the back of my closet is coming out and getting dusted off. I am such a wimp when it comes to cold weather.

One year I went to a costume themed pub-crawl in El Paso,Tx in January and I picked Laura Croft. Reason I picked her is because in the movie she wears a fur cloak and since it is COLD there I could wear something warm over my costume.

I made one with polar fleece lining and fur on the outside. It weighs a ton but I was so warm and happy that night. Everyone was jealous and couldn't believe I made it. I still have it and have used it a couple of times since then and have loaned it out to other people for their costumes.

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  1. Girl! What is this world coming to if Arizona has freezing weather? That's NUTS! I guess everybody is going to make a run for So Cal. That's the only safe bet so that's where we're heading next. I HATE the cold (yes, I know I've moaned about that frequently), and I will NEVER get used to it!

    Hope you have a great 2011! I'm glad we're blog buddies, and fellow insomniacs!