Sunday, February 20, 2011

Favorite Books

After my last bout with a nasty little cold I have renewed my love of reading books. I love all kinds of books but mostly mystery and military fiction. I found a love of military fiction because when I was little my dad loved them and I would snag them when he was done. His favorite is Tom Clancy. I like his books but a few are very long winded.

I learned to read fairly early on because of speech therapy and loved it. When I was in 2nd grade we were assigned to read a book and write a book report. Most kids did basic books but I picked "The other side of the mountain" by E.G. Valens. My teacher gave me a hard time because she couldn't believe that I actually read the book. But then she also didn't believe I belonged in mainstream school, that I should stay in the deaf school.

My sister and I trade books all the time and find new authors to recommend to each other. We would even warn each other of a good one by saying "This is an all day Saturday one!"

My sister tends to like the same book genre as me with the exception she loves Steven King and Dean Koontz. I only like a couple of them but the rest are a little out there for my taste.

I would go to the library and just browse the rows and rows of books. Grab one that looked interesting and dig in. Some I never finished because it would just drag on but I did find some great authors this way.

A few of my favorite authors of all time are J.D. Robb, Sue Grafton, Vince Flynn, and W.E.B. Griffin. Patricia Cornwell was a favorite but lately her books have gotten a bit dry.There are many more but this is the short list. 

I rarely buy books new and usually get them from the thrift store. When I am done with them I would donate them back to the thrift store. Cheap, no clutter, and I am passing it on to someone else to enjoy.

I don't have a Kindle yet but it is on my wish list. For now I just stick with books from the library, thrift stores, trades from my sister, and a Kindle program that I have on my Droid phone.

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