Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dancing to the music.

I can't believe it was 80 degrees today. Hopefully it means that summer is right around the corner because I am looking forward to the summer. I hate the cold and winter blahs. When it is summer time I have fun traveling, running with my friends, BBQ parties, swimming, and just having a great time.

I have many fond memories of previous summers. Not a single bad summer that I can recall, well with the exception of my Ex-husband. Met him one ill-fated summer after too many Long Island Iced Teas. Six if my blurry recollection is right along with several Kamikaze shooters. I figure I was brain damaged from that stuff and that is why I had a shotgun wedding. To this day I will not drink a Long Island Iced Tea. Never had a problem with Kamikaze shooters and still love them now.

Back in the old days I spent many summers on the beach having fun and nights at the base club dancing the night away. I don't know if I am a good or bad dancer. I don't care anyway. I love to dance. I may need a bit of liquid courage at times to start but then I am fine after that. We would spend hours dancing to the beat of 70's and 80's music. To this day I just want to boogie when a favorite song from the old days plays on the radio.

When I hear a song from the old days it would trigger a memory. A song that would remind me of a night on the beach dancing with a huge bonfire or one that brings me back to my first rock concert and dancing with the crush of bodies around me. Some of the songs that bring up old memories are:

"Shout" from Animal House
"I feel for you" Chaka Khan
"Funky Town" Lipps, Inc.
"Open Arms" Journey
"Everybody have fun tonight" Wang Chung
"Love Shack" B52
"YMCA" Village People

One day a song that I hadn't heard in ages came on and I was going nuts. I was rocking away and dancing as much as I could while driving. Max was in the car with me and he was looking at me like I had lost my mind. I told him "You know how I hate rap. Well your Mama used to listen to the grandaddy of rap." He didn't believe me until he saw some show on MTV and they listed the group as one of the original rap bands. It was Whodini and the song "Friends". He actually likes that song and has it on his Ipod.

Another song that goes waaaaayyyyy back is from when I was in middle school. Every morning our bus driver would play this song on the way to the school after the last stop. It was Queen's song "We will rock you." That bus was rockin' with all of us kids stomping our feet and clapping to the song. Our bus driver never had a bit of trouble from any of us because she threatend that if we misbehaved she wouldn't play the song. Smart Gal.

What are your favorite songs that you just gotta boogie to whenever you hear it?

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