Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Morning Sunrise

Ahhhhhh, the peace in the world early in the morning. I am a night owl now and have discovered how peaceful the world is at sunrise. I used to love those sunsets, especially on the beach in California.

In the morning while the sun is just rising you can see not just the hills but the layers of hills in the distance. This picture kinda give you an idea. You have to see it to understand.

While a sunset may be spectacular compared to a sunrise there is no substituting the peace and awe of a sunrise.

It is so peaceful and quiet. Unlike sunset where the world is still busy getting from one place to another. Cars are zooming by, children are playing until dinnertime, and dogs are barking at invisible things in the world. Before sunrise starts the birds will start chirping up a storm and waking up for their morning routine around here. Then just before the sun rises there is a sudden calm, quiet, serene moment. I can't explain it but it is amazing. It makes me take a moment and embrace the peace and calm and makes me realize how big the world it and how much people add noise and commotion to it. Sometimes I need the peace and quiet, despite my inability to stay still for long. So the morning sunrise is my peace.

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