Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Speechless then stuttering! God Help Me!

I have finally finished another week of madness at the hospital. Now for some much needed days off. Work was ugly as usual but one thing happened the other day that had me speechless, then stuttering, and then suffering a hot flash!

I got a call about 30 min. before the end of my shift from a dept. The guy said that one of the machines was broken and if I could come up and fix it. I said sure and hoped it would be an easy fix so I could go home and crash.

I go up to the 3rd floor and the dept. door is locked because they haven't opened for the day. Here is a recap of what happened.


Door opens and a Supercalifragayummyliscious hunk is standing there. Now think Matthew McConaughey, George Clooney, Richard Gere, or Benjamin Bratt gorgeous.

My brain and body: OH....MY....GOD...!!!! GULP!!!!!!! Say something you idiot!

Me "Ah, Hi, ah, I talked to you on the phone ah, about the machine."

Guy "Oh yeah, come on in. It doesn't want to do anything."

My Brain: Come on, just do your thing and get outta here. Don't look at him or your gonna blush or do something stupid.

"Ummm. Ok, No problem. Uh, Just give me a minute and I will get it running for you."


I walk into a locked room, similar to a janitors closet, where the machine is.

What is he doing. Oh, great. He is going to come in here while I am trying to fix this thing. Ok, just calm down and don't look at him.

"What is wrong?"

HUH!!!!!!!! What did I just do!!!!! Oh, he is talking about the machine dumbass.

"Oh, ah the hard drive is ummmm probably stuck. It does that some times."

What is he doing now. He is standing right next to me. Great!!!!! Just ignore him. Geeeze, he smells nice. Wonder what he is wearing. WHAT ARE YOU DOING, just ignore him.

"What do you have to do to fix it"

Well if you leave it would make it easier for me to concentrate and fix this dang thing much quicker.

"I just have to uh reboot the computer and it will get running again. It's ummm a pretty simple fix."

Dang is it hot in here?????? Why does he have to stand right next to me, watching everything I do over my shoulder. I wish he would move over or even better leave. Doesn't he have anyting better to do.  Come on, hurry up you stupid machine. I need to get outta here before I do something stupid!

"Ok, all done. Have a great day!"


I get outta there as quick as I can and am just razzing myself about how I always freeze up and get super shy around gorgeous guys. Here I have outgrown my shyness for the most part but this I can't get over. I felt like a teenager again and I didn't like that one bit.


  1. Woman! I thought you were gonna walk out in your naked splendor & knock his socks off! LOL! Please tell me your mom won't read this ;)

  2. Oh, she reads this alright. LOL She loves it and is always telling her friends about this blog.

  3. Well, I'm sure since she had you, she knows about the walking around nekked part ;) hehee!

  4. Oh, with her being a hippie mama she was walking around nekked while I was growing up. Waking up to get water and seeing the neighbors nekked in the hot tub was normal for me.