Saturday, July 16, 2011

Life is busy when you have two teenagers!

Morgan at 4yrs. old
I have been a busy bee. Had the kids over for a short vacation. They were only able to visit for a week because of track, camp, football pratice, and other plans for the summer. I hated only having a short time with them but I enjoyed every minute of it.

Nicole at 3 yrs. old
I have slowly realized that having teenagers is sooooo different then kids. They are harder to please and only expensive electronics keep them happy. I had ordered a new Xbox 360 from a discount warehouse only to receive it the same day they left. Bummer since I had gotten it for them to enjoy when they were here. They did have fun but spent more time online facebooking and texting friends than swimming in the pool. When they were younger I had to bribe them to get them out of the pool.

16 and 6'4" tall already!

A couple of friends of theirs had moved away to another complex and after a lot of pleading and begging I let them go over to visit and stay overnight. They promised to come back the next morning since it would be our last day together but I was a nice Mama and let them spend the day there so they could spend more time with their friends. Sometimes we have to make sacrifices to make our kids happy. If it made them happy than I was willing to do that for them despite my missing time with them.

14 already! Geeze, I'm
gonna have to buy a shotgun soon!
During the last month or so I have been working on a project. I have now finished the first part of it and sighed in relief when it was done. It was a labor of love and I am nervous as to the response to it. It will update the blog and let you know more details as I get further along.

Figured I would keep you all guessing as to what it is.

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