Saturday, September 10, 2011

Conversation on a call.

The tones went off for a shooting. We were to go to an assigned location and stand by until the area was secured and we were requested. We get to the location and parked. On the street was an officer that was blocking entrance to the street but nobody else. I thought it was strange we were alone. “Wonder where everyone else is?”
My partner Joe “Who cares. I am going to take a nap while we wait.”
I sit back and listen to the radio traffic and sit there bored. The clock on the dashboard slowly rolls by. “What do you think is going on?
Joe answered without even opening his eyes. “I don’t know or care. They will call when they need us.”
More time rolls by.
I am starting to get itchy just sitting there. “Joe, I think they forgot about  us.”
Joe mumbles “Give it time. You know how long these calls can be when they are looking for a shooter.”
More time rolls by.
“Joe. I am telling you. They forgot about us.”
“They didn’t forget about us. They will call when they need us.”
More time rolls by.
Finally I am at the end of my patience “Joe. I know they forgot about us. Call the captain or dispatch and see what is going on.”
Joe sits up grumbling at my impatience “Fine!” He gets on the phone and calls dispatch to put him through to the fire captain on scene. They talk but I am unable to decipher the conversation, then he hangs up.
“Well, what did the captain say?”
 Joe leans back, closes his eyes and never looks at me “Go back to the station. Wake me up when we get there.”
“Hah. They did forget about us didn’t they.”
“Yeah. Now shut up and drive. I’m tired.”
We sat there for over an hour for nothing.

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