Friday, October 7, 2011

Getting burned doing a favor.

I thought I had an okay night at work. It is rough dealing with the constant pain and still working while waiting for my insurance to make up it's mind on my referral to the specialist. Well the night shift ended this morning with a bang. And not a good one.

A while back I did a favor for someone and bent the rules a little bit. It was after a bit of arguing back and forth I agreed to do it that one time. I told that person that it would be the one and only time.

This morning my supervisor and manger called me into their office and said to close the door. I joked "Am I in trouble?" They said a little bit. My heart started beating double time. They asked me about doing a favor a while ago. It had been so long ago it took me a while to remember all the details. When I finally did I explained the situation and why I did what I did. I also explained why it was the ONE and ONLY time I had ever done it. They explained that that person had sent a complaint about me bending the rules.

Now I am puzzled as to why that un-named person did that. I did him a favor and was trying to help him and he stabbed me in the back. It is not like I do it all the time and it was after much arguing that I finally agreed to do it. Goes to show what doing a favor will get you. I commented that I am not going to be nice to him and give him a talking to but I was warned to be nice and keep my mouth shut. Sucks that I have to take my punishment and can't fight back.

Sure is going to be hard to be quiet when I see him again.

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