Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Years to everyone. Hope you all rang in the year safe, warm, and with your friends and loved ones.

I was at home with my two youngest, Nicole and Morgan. We spent a quiet evening munching on food, watching shows, and having a good time. We rang in the year with sparkling cider. Morgan remarked that though it was cider it looked a bit like beer. He soooo wants to be grown up and drink the real stuff. I told him not to be in such a hurry to grow up. Before you know it you will be older and wishing for your younger days. I know I wish I had enjoyed my days more and had more time to enjoy them while I could. What I wouldn't do to be in my 20's again. Young, skinny body, endless energy, AND a body that works normally. Well, guess I will have to just live with my hard earned wisdom and pass it on to the young ones.

The kids flew in the day after Christmas and the first thing they did was open their presents. They had been begging me for months for clues as to what they were getting and I only gave them one each. They didn't like what I gave them because it didn't help a bit. One of Morgan's presents I wasn't sure if he would like and told him that if he wanted to trade it he could. It was a ticket to fly a plane. He said "No way. I will only trade it for a laptop computer. I love this." Little did he know, one of the other presents was a laptop. When he opened that one he got up, picked me up, and gave me a big hug. Felt weird having my son being big enough to pick me up and hug me. Needless to say he was happy. Nicole was jealous and disappointed with her present because she didn't know what she had gotten. I gave her a Kindle Fire. After showing her what it was and she played around with it for a while she was very happy with it. Despite my worries all of the presents were hits.

We have been busy traveling to visit family and friends, hanging out, playing video games, and having fun. I did discover one bad thing. Shopping with a teenage girl is MURDER! I promised to take Nicole shopping for a formal gown for a winter ball that she is going to. She is one picky girl. I didn't realize that after having 3 boys. This is the first time I have been shopping for a formal anything with her so it was a learning experience. 2 1/2 hours later we agreed on a dress. I grudgingly agreed to it though I still think it is a bit too body hugging but I was told it is the fashion now days. After looking around I realize that it is and  I am just being an overprotective mama. Being a mama of a girl is harder than with the boys. With the boys I just had to deal with the attitude and temper. Girls there is the picky eating, clothes, hair, looks, mood swings, what I say around her, and that is just this year. Everything changes from year to year. Geeze....She is only 14 and I am wondering how I am going to keep up with her. My sis is probably reading this and laughing because she only had one kid and it was a boy. She had it easy....

I had made an appointment for Morgan's flying trip to be on Thursday. He was excited. Well, as excited as I can tell because teenagers don't show excitement like little kids do. That was something else I discovered. Nicole and I dropped him off at the airport and went shopping while he went flying and he called when he was done. When we went to pick him up I was curious to see what he would say about the experience. He got in the car and said "Can you book another flight for me when I come out again?" I told him I would see as it was expensive. He had his paperwork as to the prices to get his pilot license (Mucho Grande Bucks), a pilot training book with his hour he flew that day, and a small smile on his face. I asked how it was. He said it was cool and then silence.....So how was it. Nice.......Did you have fun? Yes........Were you nervous? Nope......It's different than flying on a commercial plane isn't it? Yes it is.......I kept getting silence from the backseat of the car. It was killing me with curiosity. I wanted to know all the details and he was telling me nothing!! Nada! Zip! Zero! No Details! What happened to the little kid that I couldn't shut up with details up the ying yang when he was excited about something. Guess my only clue that he liked it was that he asked to fly again.

This week had been nice being with the kids. I took time off from work to be with them and it has gone by way to quickly. They are due to fly home tomorrow since they have to start school Tuesday. I hate seeing them go. Our visits go by fast and we always count the time till the next visit which will be this summer. As for me I will be back to work until my yearly trip to El Paso for my Runners Convention. Wonder how the weather will be this time. Will let you know how that goes. Can't wait to sink my teeth in my favorite texas BBQ foods and see all my friends.

Wishing you all a Happy New Years.

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