Tuesday, December 2, 2014

New Blog, New Ideas....


After too much procrastination, biting my nails, and second guessing myself I finally bit the bullet and started a new blog. The new blog, called Pennies To Perfect, will deal with my cost saving ideas, projects, failures, and plain old fun along the way.

Several friends have loved the projects/ideas I have done around the house and kept asking questions. So I decided to post them separately on a new blog. Not that I don't love you guys, but this one is personal. The other one is more a single gal's DIY blog about cheap ideas and fun drinks to celebrate the success of a project (to be imbibed after the power tools are turned off, of course).

The posts will not be daily but every few days or so. I'm in the middle of a large kitchen renovation and know I can't possibly post everyday right now. I promise to post on the new blog about the renovation along with other's I have done. Promise, it'll be great. Just have to make sure I survive it before posting. I want to make sure I'm honest with all the success/failures so you may avoid my mistakes. Kinda the point about the blog.

So girls (and guys) get your shopping lists out, dig out that old tool belt, dust off that blender/martini shaker, and get ready to have fun.

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