Thursday, October 21, 2010

After High School

So I survived WWIII with my parents and I am now out of High School. It was such an abrupt thing that I was hanging out at home wondering what to do. It was October and I shouldn’t have been out of school yet. It totally threw me off and I was aimless for a bit. I wanted to join the military and discovered that hearing loss is not accepted but if you wear coke bottle thick glasses you can still get in. Basically I told the recruiter this ” Well the govt. is pretty screwed up in their thinking. I would think when the S*** hit the fan it would be more important to be able to see where you are running than being able to hear.” He didn't take too kindly to my comment. Oh Well!

I didn’t want to waste my time and money going to college because I couldn’t decide what to major in. So I just applied for jobs until I got one and starting working a 9 to 5 job. My first full-time job was a customer service rep. for Trans Union Credit Bureau. I got quite an education in people’s lives and credit card companies. Basically I took care of people’s complaints regarding their credit report and investigate it by contacting the offending credit company. It was an educational experience as to the claims, arguments, and excuses that people came up with. Some truly were innocent of what was being reported but a good percentage were not so innocent.

I rented a room in a cute 1940′s bungalow and lived on Alameda Island. I loved it there. Small city charm with nearby access to big city amenities. Plus it had a huge navy base with plenty of cute young guys.

My best friend MG from high school would hang out with me on the weekends. We went everywhere together and were either having fun or getting into trouble. The antics we got into is another story (or book if I was honest and told you EVERYTHING).

One day we met some marines at the park by the beach and became friends with several of them. This was a beneficial friendship because they provided security for the base. Since I didn’t have a military ID card they would let us sneak on base to go to the EM Club (enlisted men's club). What is funny is to get into the club you must have an ID or be escorted by someone with an ID. Well we would walk into the main lobby and look for one of our friends and if none were found walk up to a guy and sweetly ask him to get us in. None of them ever said no. Man, the power of being young and single. Young guys with hormones off the charts are putty in your hands.

So my weekends were composed of days on the beach and nights drinking and dancing at the club. Life was great during this time. If I could go back in time and relive a period of my life, this would be it. How much more could you ask for:  big hair, super skinny body, 80′s music, drinking, dancing, dating, and endless energy. What time period would you love to repeat?

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