Thursday, October 21, 2010

MG, My partner in Crime.

My best bud was MG and boy did we have some fun times. The stories told here are real and not made up.

We met when she started working for Kentucky Fried Chicken. We started hanging out after work and going to different places since we had the same days off at work. I was getting over my shyness and she was totally outgoing, loud, and crazy. I still laugh at some of the stupid things that we used to do or get ourselves into. Here are some examples of that.

She suggested a bunch of us sneak into Chabot park one night and hike up to the top of this hill to party. I had a heart attack when we almost got caught by security patrol going up the hill. After the party I got road rash on my butt trying to get down the hill to fast. There were searchlights from security zooming around looking for us. They heard us coming down and were searching around trying to find us.

Picture of butt damage: PRICELESS

We were are at our marine buddies party and MG got the bright idea to play a joke on some new marines. Mind you we had just met this particular group of marines that night. Playing a practical joke on a bunch of drunk marines was waaaayyyy to easy. Next thing I know I am seeing a very large Sargent chase MG after falling for the joke and looking like an A**.

Sight of a drunk, embarrassed, and angry Marine: PRICELESS

One day we needed to take some pictures for a photography assignment. We were parked next to the base to get some shots of the bay and San Francisco at sunset. MG got on top of my car and next thing I know she is waving at a base security van to move so she can take a shot. The shot was of the sun setting behind an aircraft carrier. Next thing I know we are getting arrested by same security guys for taking pictures during a major weapons transfer. Huh? WHAT!!!!! OH S****!!!! Best thing was seeing MG make the arresting officer mad when she started making jokes about the doughnuts sitting next to him.

Ride in paddywagon to police station: PRICELESS

MG setting me up on a blind date (knowing I don’t like to date guys shorter than me). Date shows up. Me 5′ 10″, date 5′ 2″.

Look on my face: PRICELESS

One weekend we are sitting on the beach and there is no alcohol is allowed. To bypass that we kept a bottle of wine and a bottle of 7-UP in the cooler and mixed it up in plastic cups to drink. While laying in the sun recovering from a party the night before I notice a shadow. I look up and a police officer was standing there asking me what we were drinking. I tell him 7-Up. He asks for my cup. Figuring we were busted (we were only 18 at the time) I gave it to him and gave him a big smile. I got us an invitation to a cop party later that night.

Seeing MG’s face when he grabbed my cup:  PRICELESS

Best one of all……Toilet papering a police car……

(Information withheld to protect the guilty)

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