Sunday, January 9, 2011

Interesting quotes from childhood

This morning I was reading blogs that I follow and DONNA had a funny post. She had listed quotes from her parents when she was little and if we used them on the kids today. Funny enough I tried not to do that but a couple leaked though anyway.

The most famous statement came from my sister. One year I had brought all 4 kids over from Calif. to visit my sister. At that time the boys were 9, 7, & 3. She has a son who was a spoiled only-child. He was pretty good playing with other kids but at home he was used to playing by himself. Well he was having a conniption fit because my 3 boys were all into his toys and he didn't want to share.

My sister and I were in the kitchen with my daughter and we noticed my nephew kept walking by us with a toy, hide it in the guest room, and go back upstairs. He did that several times. Then we started getting interrupted by arguments between the boys about the toys. After the 10th time my sister had enough.

Here we are sitting there with 4 boys all taking at once and my sister stopped them all.

She said "Is someone bleeding?"
Boys "NO"
"Is someone dying?"
"Well then go play and stop interrupting us and don't come back unless someone is bleeding or dying!"

There in a priceless moment were 4 boys with a mighty confused look. They all dropped their heads and walked back upstairs. We didn't hear a peep after that and that rule has stayed over the years. Great thing about that is the kids learned how to figure out their arguments between themselves. Granted there may have been a few black eyes and stiches over the years but it worked.


  1. That is awesome!! Tough love, gotta love it :) When I was teaching, I used to get so fed up with the tattling. Wish I had come across this line before!!


  2. I used this with my kids on several occasions...Usually when guests were over and there was competition for my attention!
    Blessings, K