Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Life in a hospital

Working in a hospital I see everything from simple cold to really bad stuff. But every once in a while there is a case that is really funny. Looking back at the last year we had some pretty funny ones and a few sad ones. For example:

Very drunk dude decided to jump out of truck going 60mph. When he was brought in all he was complaining about was that his foot hurt. Ya think!!!!! After knocking him out because he wasn't co-operating, all of the work was done and whadda you know, his alcohol level was 0.23. I think he was hurting in more places than his foot the next morning.

3am a fellow calls 911 and said he hurt his hand. Paramedics responded and find out that he cut 3 fingers off while using the skill saw. Well, maybe it is just me but what are you doing operating a saw at 3 in the morning. They managed to find the fingers, pack it on ice, and bring the poor feller in.

A older gentleman decided that he wanted to get frisky on his date and takes a little blue pill that night. Well the intended effects lasted way longer than it was supposed to. He came in embarrassed and in agony. It was funny but we also sympathized with him because of the pain he was in.

Man comes in with a nasty gash on his head along with a few goose eggs. When asked what happened, he hemmed and hawed and didn't want to say. After several more questions the truth finally came out. He decided to go out with his buddies and party the night away forgetting about the little wife at home. Well he came home to a barrage of pots, pans, and other dishes.

Cutest moment was when I entered the ER and was in a hurry because we were getting slammed. Instantly a smile was on my face because of a little guy. A mom had brought in a little toddler who had just learned how to walk. Here he was marching down the hallway, albeit a little wobbly, just happy as can be and babbling away. He had mom, IV pole, and nurse following and everyone he passed by got a big smile on their face. This included nurses, doctors, and patients waiting in the hallway. It is unusual to have a happy kid in the ER.

Saddest moment was a mother had just delivered her baby and had complications afterwards. After she was transferred to ICU she went into cardiac arrest. We worked on saving her for the next 7 hours until shift change. We were trying every medicine in our arsenal and even had to look up in a book to find out other ones not normally used. When I came back to work that night the first question I asked was about her. They lost her at 2 that afternoon. I can say that we pulled out all the stops and more to save her but it wasn't meant to be.

A lot of people think that people that work in a hospital are cold and have no feelings because of everything that we see. Well, I can say that we do feel it and when something major happens there is a physical ripple throughout the hospital. As for the case of the mother, everyone in the hospital knew about her and was rooting for her to make it. And yes, rumors do fly at lightning speed in a hospital.


  1. I enjoyed reading this post today, thanks for sharing.

  2. Your post madam feel. Feel happy and sad. I''m not sure how people working in hospitals can do it some days. I'm glad you included the baby walking in your list.