Monday, February 7, 2011

I hate winter time. Cold and miserable.

Well, I know that I have been seriously lagging on posting anything on here. I had a super crazy week at the hospital and was just too darned tired when I got home to do anyting except collapse on the bed and sleep. Then when I finally have some days off I wake up at 3 am feeling icky.

I woke up sneezing like crazy. I was hoping that it was an allergy attack but worried it might be a nasty little cold that is going around. I was groggy, sneezing, nose dripping like a faucet, head pounding, and seeing double so I stumbled over to my drug stash. Despite seeing double and sneezing every few seconds I finally grabbed all the drugs that I figured I would need. Allergy medicine, decongestant, cough medicine, pain medicine, migraine medicine, B-12, Iron, Zinc, and tons of Vitamin C.

So I was on the right track with all the drugs that I would need and figured that I would be OK. Hah, not so easily done. I took all the meds and then suddenly my stomach said "Uh-Uh. No way Jose." and proceeded to switch gears in reverse. Now I am still seeing double and stumbling into the kitchen to find crackers in the pantry. I wack my head on the cabinet door in my hurry to open it, find some saltines, sat right there on the cold floor, ripped those suckers open and munched as fast as I could with a dry mouth. My cat, Sweetpea was just sitting there on the couch looking at me like I had lost my mind. Maybe I had at that moment.

I spent the next several days taking tons of drugs, sleeping more than I had in the last year, and read 9 books. Thank god my sister had given me a bunch to read the last couple of times we met for lunch.

I haven't read that many books in the last year and realized how much I miss reading. I plan to start doing it more. Guess that has been the one good thing to come out of being miserable. Rediscovering my love of reading.

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  1. Get well soon. My husband started with a cold last night. He's in bed now.