Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Toilet Papered Cop Car Caper

Nellie, of Diary of a Midlife Cruiser posted a blog a while back asking us to list 7 things our blogging buddies didn't know about us. One of the things that I listed was that I had toilet papered a police car. I had several comments asking me details about that and have decided to let you know what happened. NOTE: For obvious reasons I have changed the names of the individuals involved.

Many moons ago I lived in a very tiny town. My best friend Missy and I were young, single, and living la vida loca every day. I was living next to a huge military base with tons of cute, sexy, single guys and had the beach right in front of my place. What better place can you think of for a single gals playground.

Over time we met and became friends with several police officers in town. One of the officers, John, had been giving us a hard time because of an earlier joke and even pulled me over while I was on a date for no reason other than to razz me and see who my date was. We decided it was time for some payback.

Now Missy and I were notorious for pulling pranks and practical jokes and knew we could come up with something good. One night Missy and I decided for payback that we would toilet-paper(TP) John's car.

I don't remember exactly which one of us came up with it because we were playing quarters, a drinking game, pretty much all night. We decided to do it the next weekend because there was a big cop party at a guys house and we could use that as our alibi.

So with TP stored in the car we went to the party and spent a while mingling. John was on duty that night and stopped by to say hi, then left to take his lunch at the station. He had a crush on a certain dispatcher and had been eating lunch there. After he left we went to get Joe. For alibi purposes we only had 1 officer, Joe, there to help us with diversion while we were gone. We split up, started wandering around the party, and then casually wandered into the backyard. After a bit we made a quick exit and drove over to the police station. I parked a block over and we slowly made our way through the bushes and trees. We froze every time a car drove by and hoped nobody was walking by on the street. That is all we needed, to get caught sneaking around the police station in the bushes in the middle of the night.

John was parked on the street in front of the police station. After checking the time to make sure we were OK and looking for car lights we quickly did our TP business. It was so hard to keep from laughing out loud.

I can say that it was the fastest TP job done on a car and it looked mighty funny with the light bar sticking up out of all the stuff.

After that we ran back to my car and got back to the party. We could hardly breathe because we were laughing so hard. Once we got back there we had to quickly compose ourselves and look normal. That included picking leaves and twigs out of our hair and clothes. Once done we entered the party via the backyard and casually strolled into the party.

About 30 min. later a very angry John stormed the party and came right to Missy and I. He pointed at us and yelled "WTF did you do to my car!?!" Well the whole party stopped and it was dead silent. John was so mad that he didn't even notice that everyone was looking at him.

We, looking oh so innocent, said "What are you talking about?" John blurted "You toilet papered my police car didn't you?" Next thing you hear is a huge roar of laughter coming from the crowd.

That is when John realized his mistake of yelling. We told him that we were at the party the whole time but wished we had thought of that and could have seen that. Everyone there said "Yep, they were here the whole time. We never saw them leave." John left furious and still not believing we didn't do it. The entire dept. was razzing him about it for ages and they never did find out who did it.

The only regret that I have is that I don't have any pictures of it. As you can understand, we needed to make a quick get-away before being caught and the last thing we were thinking of was a picture.

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  1. That's hilarious! TPing was a big part of my Friday night adventures in my younger days...I don't mean last weekend though...LOL Kathy