Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My first car

While I was in Texas talking with an old friend we got started talking about our first car. It was a pretty funny conversation. He had just recently bought a car that was the same year and model camaro that he had for his first car. I told him about mine and one thing led us to another and we were wondering how we were able to execute some of the acrobatic acts that young frisky teenagers do. Now days, if I even tried to execute some of the things I had done I would be in traction for a month not to mention have a lifetime prescription for the chiropractor.

"Da Boat" This was the car that my sister and I learned how to drive with. It was an embarrassing monstrosity but that engine had some incredible power. We would drive that boat around with a baseball cap pulled down low so no-one would see us. We did everything to avoid driving it but it sure came in handy hauling Kegs for a party. Shhhhh, I don't think my parents know about that one.

My first baby was a Metallic Blue Datsun 310. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it because I love the color blue and it was blue outside and royal blue inside. Even better was the fact that it was in the price range that my dear old dad was willing to pay. Pic gives you an idea of what it looked like except blue. Lots of crazy memories in that one. I actually wish I still had her because no matter what I did to her she kept on going faithfully. I sold her to buy my next car.

Next car I got was purchased from my mom, a 79 Camaro. I was on cloud nine with that baby. It was fast, cool, and got the guys attention. I did the whole nine yards to it. Pinstriping, louvers on the rear windows (before we had window tinting for you young folks), and the required roach feather and crystal hanging from the rear view mirror. Sadly it was totaled in a car accident. I will have to write about it someday. I shed a few tears over her loss.

My replacement car was an 85 Camaro, getting the theme here yet guys???? I actually didn't like this one very much. Probably because I was still missing my other baby. It served it's purpose until I had to sell it to my baby brother for a bigger car. He totaled it 6 months later. That was the 2nd of 3 cars that he totaled.

86 Ford Taurus. The next car was bought strictly because of need. We needed a bigger car in order to carry all of Max's medical equipment around. After the first time he was discharged it was evident that the camaro wasn't going to work. The next time I was in the hospital with Max I sent my ex-husband and Evil Mother-in-Law out to go shopping and get back to me with what they found. We hadn't had time to find anything yet but I told them what I liked and didn't like and what we needed. Of course Evil Mother-in-Law bought the exact car that I put on the No-Way-Jose-Will-I-Ever-Drive-That-Piece-Of-Crap list. I hated that car the entire time I was stuck with it and was happy when it was sold off.

79 GMC Suburban. This car was purchased because of growing family and the transmission on the stupid Taurus was dying. Was OK and did it's job well. It had a weird paint job. Red/White on the outside and Forest Green on the inside. Joke was that it was like a Christmas tree.

This car was an Oldsmobile Achieva/2 door. I needed a car fast after the divorce and it was cheap. Done. That car was like a weird little alien and had a mind of its own. Even my brother-in-law thought that it was a wacky alien thingy. It would lock its doors by itself whether I wanted it to or not. Now we are not talking about automatic locks that lock after several minutes. It would lock at all different times. Even when I had the door open, keys in the ignition, and radio playing when I was working on it. Also I could only turn off the headlights if I put on the emergency brakes. That made it fun when I had to drive on to a military base. Huh! Like I said "Alien Car"

Now my second baby was the 98 Firebird. Now we were getting back towards the cars I love. Sleek, fine looking, and FAST!!!!!! It had T-Top and a banging stereo system with 2 amps, huge sub-woofer in the trunk and 7 speakers around the car. I rocked till my hair vibrated from the noise.  I had it for several years before mechanical problems came up. Went to several mechanics and they never could figure it all out. Each one quoted a different source of problems and each estimate was in the range of $1500-3600. Plus there was no guarantee from each one that it would fix the problem. Well I wanted to keep the bucks in my pocket more than in the mechanics pocket. So sadly off she went.

My current car is a 2008 Pt. Cruiser. It was my very first car purchased BRAND SPANKIN NEW. It was a super good deal that couldn't be passed up. Little did I know that they would claim bankruptcy right after I bought it. Still, it is a cute little thing and gets me to where I need to go. The only thing that I really don't care for is that the seats are uncomfortable. I am looking for options on that one and use a $3 back wedgie from Walgreen's for now.

What was your first car? Did ya love it or hate it? I would love to hear your stories on yours.

Have a great day.

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  1. my first resembled your boat... as it was a 1973 Buick Invicta station wagon...