Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 3 of the Cruise

I woke up early and saw that there was a sunrise just beginning on the horizon. Don’t know what time it was but I was too lazy to get up and take a picture of it. After relaxing a while I fell asleep again. Later on I woke up for the day and first thing I did was cross my fingers that it was warm and went outside on the patio. Yipppeee!!! It was gorgeous outside. Warmer than the previous day, clean ocean air and a wonderful view. I sat in the chair relaxing and was hypnotized with the water rushing by with little whitecaps everywhere. Now this is what I came here for.
Mom finally woke up and she took her turn to get ready so she could do her daily speed walk. We met up in the dining room and found out we missed the morning breakfast run. We ended up in the buffet section, big mistake again, it was set up poorly and was like herding cattle. After a bit of joggling around and finding a table open we finally were able to eat. We couldn't talk because it was so noisy so we ate quickly and bailed out of there.

View of pool from the lounge chair area.

We hung out for a while and wandered around then split up. I went and changed into my bathing suit and looked for a decent place to lay out for a while. Well all the lounge chairs in the good spots were taken and the only ones left were in the windy cold section. I did find a chair in the bar area above the pool and sat there and read my kindle for a while. It wasn’t what I wanted but was a start. An hour later I left to change and wander around.
Around lunchtime I got a snack at the pool area and was starting to get bored sitting there by myself. A guy stitting at the table next to me said hi and we started talking. Next thing I know I am getting hit on by a member of the Calypso band on the ship. They were on a break and he had started chatting with me. He introduced me to his other band members when they stopped by and we talked about where we were from, places we had traveled to, our families, and his very obvious question "are you single?" 

He asked what I was doing in Cabo when we dock and I said I didn't know. He asked me if I wanted to go quad riding around the area. Boy was I tempted to do that but my doc would wring my neck. I was bummed and said no thanks but knew I would hurt like crazy doing it not to mention undo all of the hard earned work. After a while he had to go back to play and I stayed a while to enjoy the music. They were a really good band and the music was awesome.
That afternoon was spent being lazy and people watching. Mom and I met up by accident walking in the hallways and ended up hanging out at a bar that she found. She loved it there because the bartender was friendly and there was karaoke. There was only 1 bad singer so it was an enjoyable afternoon. That evening we went to dinner in the dining room and it was nice because there was less people. Dinner was amazing and the dessert was yummy. After that we went to the spinnaker and watched the band and people dancing. It was a mix of music but not to many people there. We discovered during the trip that the major amount of people go there late at night. That is when the real party begins. Too late for me to be up.
I am still amazed at how friendly people are. Tonight I met a couple on the elevator that are from Canada and they know a couple that are staying in Yuma in an RV. What a small world. Another time I had a person on another elevator do a double take at me and said “If you ever want to meet your twin go to Spokane, Washington. My niece lives there and you could be identical twins” Well, they say we all have a twin somewhere in the world. Too Funny!

So this day was a sea day and the view was ocean everywhere and not a speck of land in sight.

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  1. Lisa, I love reading your recap. Feels like I was there with you (which would have be soooo fun). Love ya, your sis