Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 4 of Cruise

I am sitting out on the balcony of our room writing this while the sun rises and enjoying a warmer morning. It is noticeably warmer than the day before. Each morning I sit out here and write about the previous days events. It is so relaxing and I can see why some people take a year long cruise around the world. It doesn't get much better having a wonderful view, seeing new places, meeting different people, experiencing new cultures, someone to cook awesome meals, and housecleaning done for you.

I woke up early and watched a sunrise and the sight of land drifting near. I realized that it was at least 7 am and mom wanted to get up at 6 to go to an early breakfast. When I woke her she admitted that she couldn’t figure out the wake up call the night before and didn't want to wake me up. The one benefit of being deaf is mom could come in late and not worry about being noisy and waking me up. They don't have clocks in the room. Wonder why? At least my crazy sleeping schedule woke her up with enough time for her breakfast in the main dining hall.

After breakfast we went up to the top deck 13 in front of the ship to watch Cabo San Lucas come into view. It was a spectacular view and worth waiting in the cold wind for. I had packed only shorts, t-shirts, and dresses and didn’t plan for cooler weather. Well I am quickly learning what a mistake that was. Thankfully I have a pair of sweats for bedtime.

We went to wait in a long line for the tenders to take us to shore since the ship docked in the middle of the bay. Mom took a look at the skimpy boat we were to take and looked a bit worried. When they had the boat filled up with people it was listing really far to the right side. The driver of the boat must have been new or drunk because he ran into the ship loading dock and the ship itself several times before getting underway. Everyone looked a bit worried during that but cheered after we finally got going.

After we finally made it to shore we spent time window shopping, drinking at bars, and haggling with vendors . I had forgotten how much haggling you have to do with them. I do it with a bit of guilt. I know that they work hard and don’t make much money so I do feel guilty when I barter them down in prices. Yep, that darned guilt complex rears it’s ugly head. We didn’t walk far as I could only tolerate so much distance but I am getting better. Just trying too be patient. But each day I have upped the distance I can handle without stopping for a break.

My Brother and I
We returned to the ship around five and decided to have an early dinner.  Since it was just the two of us and there are only a few dining spots for two people the host asked if we would mind dining at a big table with others. Mom said sure and we had a great time talking with 4 other gals and their travels.  Mom was drooling over the menu because it was lobster night. While we were eating our main lobster dish we talked about the food on other cruises everyone had taken and I regaled them with the tale of when Mom and I were on a carnival cruise. That night there was escargot for an appetizer and mom’s eyes bugged out when she saw them. She loves the stuff and told the waiter "Forget the rest of the meal, all I want is a salad and just keep the escargot coming". She had several plates of the stuff and was in heaven. The others laughed and mom said “That is a great idea, I am going to order another plate of the lobster”. Everyone laughed and thought that was a great idea and they did the same.

Me, caught napping.

The evening was quiet and I called it quits early because I was a bit sore from all of the walking. Mom stayed out and hung out at her favorite bar for some karaoke and drinks.

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