Friday, April 1, 2011

Recuperating from surgery on a cruise!

Well, good news comes from bad news. My mom, brother, his girlfriend, and a friend of mom's were planning on going on a Mexican cruise next week. Sadly, mom's friend died unexpectedly two days ago. Mom called me and asked how I was doing and if I was doing anything next week. Well, duh! Nothing! So she asked me if I wanted to take her friend's place on the cruise, all expenses already paid for.

Huh!!!! Go on a cruise. Ummmm, OK!!!!! Soooo, I am sitting here stunned and happy. What a way to recuperate. Now my Doc can't yell at me about taking an easy. How much easier can you get sitting around relaxing, eating awesome food, people watching, and seeing the sights.

Now I am shocked at what I am doing. Am I crazy to be doing this? I am known in the family for doing crazy stuff at the last minute but I think this takes the cake as one of the craziest in a long while. What the heck. Life is short and you should never pass up an opportunity when it presents itself.

So here I am frantically going around my place trying to figure out what clothes to take and to see if my old formal dress still fits. I haven't worn it for a couple of years. Plus I need to get out the scratch pad and make a list of things so I don't forget anything even though I will anyway. You know how there is always at least one item that you forget about. For me, I usually remember it about halfway towards my destination. One must have on the list will be my new Kindle. I am addicted to that thing already. I texed Megan and asked her if she could babysit Sweetpea so she won't be lonely. Megan was jealous and couldn't believe this opportunity came up but was happy for me and said to go for it.

The crazy things that life throws at ya.


  1. Oh, I will. I am making sure to bring expandable clothes since I am sure to gain weight with all the good food and sitting around.

  2. Your gonna love it, Donna & I did an all inclusive flight to the Copa Cabanna resort in Cancun a few years back ,it was awesome. I know you will have fun.. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna..

  3. We are going on Norwegian's Mexican Rivera. One of the stops have been cancelled because of security concerns. Bummer. But we get an extra day in a place that I haven't been to. Cool.

  4. Can't wait to hear how your cruise went and how your recouperating is going.