Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I got a Kindle! I got a Kindle! Yippee!!!!!

I was sitting on the couch, just finishing my lunch when UPS man showed up. He of course had a package. No biggie. I had ordered some DVD's for Max a couple of days ago. Surprised that they had come so quickly I took the little box.

I opened it and sitting there was a smaller box with kindle written on the top. Didn't think anything about it. Figured it was an advertisement by Amazon since they are promoting the crap out of it. I then opened the little box and sitting there all new and purty was a kindle. My jaw dropped and the first thing I thought of was Amazon had made some sort of mistake. A $200 dollar mistake. I started freaking out as to what my bank account would look like with that hit since I had just paid all of the bills for the month.

I frantically searched the box for the packing slip so I could call Amazon. I found it and there written on the top of the sheet of paper was "We thought this would help keep you occupied while you recuperate! Love, Sis and bro-in-law".

For the second time my jaw dropped. No way. She didn't. I am gonna kill her. I called her house and left a frantic message and by the luck of the gods she returned my call 10 minutes later. She hadn't gotten my message but was driving home and had called discreetly to see if it showed up. I razzed her and thanked her and then razzed her again.

My sister is awesome. Love ya sis.


  1. You will love it. In addition to the free books in the Kindle store, you can also get free books at
    www. archive.org

  2. Thanks. I knew about Amazon's free books. I would get them on my Droid but I didn't know about the other website. I will check it out.