Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Superstition and the workplace.

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Hi everyone.
This last two weeks have been crazy. The stars must be lined up in a funky way because it sure is making things wild at work. If it could go wrong it has. We have been having patients coming out of our ears. The nurses are grumpy and have threaten to run away. And to top it off we are having a
huge heat wave.

This is an example of the stupidity that is going on:

One day we called ER to find out where to send an order.
They informed us that the patient was discharged.
Uh, No. The doc wrote an order 10 min. ago. We just want to know where to send the stuff. 
Well the patient was sent home an hour ago. 
Okaaaaayyyy. Let us know if you find him.

I got busy so I don't know what happened there. We have had our share of drunks, drowning, broken bones, summer colds, and heart attacks. Much more than the usual for this time of the year.

Even at the fire department we are having a huge amount of calls. Double the normal amount and also a unusually high number of fire calls.

We are used to being superstitious. But this is kicking the butt out of the normal Friday the 13th full moon madness. Whatever it is I hope it goes away soon. We normally have a reduction in patient load during the summer and the hospital does minimum staffing due to vacations and budget cuts. The result of that is we are getting pounded every shift.

I may have dreaded going to work on certain days but right now I dread going to work every day. Hope you all have a better week than me.

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  1. sounds like you are having way too much fun to me... yikes!