Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sorry so long since I posted.

Sorry it has been so long since I posted. I deserve a timeout for not being better about it. I got back from the cruise and then life got a hold of me. Went to the doc to get cleared for work and he said no for 2 more weeks. That started a battle with work about me returning to work. They were not happy and I had to argue about my short term disability benefits since they didn't want to cover me for another 2 weeks. Ugh!!!!!!!

Two weeks later I was finally cleared. Now the battle was getting the various departments at work to give me the ok to return. Guess they are nervous about being sued or something because they want you back but sure make it hard to do that. Paperwork, more paperwork, physical, paperwork, and so on.

First week back at work sucked. It was painful, hard, and took me a while to get back into the craziness. After a couple of weeks I had worked up my stamina level back to normal. I hated going back to work but needed to because I am not rich. Someday........

The first week I had off from work I got outta dodge and went to my favorite place, El Paso,Tx. It was great seeing my old buds and having a great time drinking beer and eating amazing BBQ. I love that place and have tons of friends there. Why don't I move there???? Well, I have been trying but haven't found an investor for my business to make that a reality. Bummer. Know anybody looking to invest in a hotel send them my way. Please.......

A very Hungover Max

Max is finally out of Afghanistan and back in Okinawa. Thank God! He had a hard time adjusting but is doing well. He is doing the typical young military male thing. On his days off he is off with the guys seeing the town, chasing girls, and drinking a ton of beer. Finally got some photos of him. 

He posted some pics of when he was in the Philippines training with their marines. They also had a competition between their marine and max and he won. There is a video posted of it on facebook but I can't figure out how to get it on here.

Max and the unit that was training. They were doing field ops and war games against the Philippine Marine group.

Pranks to relive the boredom when not working. Notice the lack of real bedding.

And Much Needed R&R. Notice the purell. At least they are still being smart despite the craziness. Is that straws in their beer???? I wonder. :-)
You all have a great day and I promise to be better about posting.


  1. You should post when you feel like it. There are no rules ...

  2. Thanks Merikay. I know I should be better. Even got an email from sis wanting me to blog again. Said it is how she keeps up with what is going on with my life.