Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Boring Post.

Sweetpea wanting attention.
Crappy pic from phone.

Well I survived the weekend without any more calamities. The weekend was quiet and I spent it cleaning, doing paperwork for the month, enjoying the light show from a huge storm on Sunday, and working on my project.
The project is coming along nicely and as soon as I can I will let you all know what it is. Can't say right now but I promise to announce what it is when it is done.

As for cleaning, I went gangbusters and did a deep cleaning of my place. That included dust bunnies under the bed and behind the dresser, cleaning the oven (YUCK!), and sorting through the pantry and tossing items to donate that had been sitting in there too long. They aren't expired, I wouldn't do that, but still good and since they haven't been used in a while I donate it to someone who can use it. Why let it go to waste.

One pain in the butt chore was setting up the new internet modem I got since I upgraded the internet speed. They said some mumbo jumbo that the current one I had wouldn't work. Bad part is that my main computer doesn't have an ethernet modem on it. Working on the resolution for that one but got the other stuff hooked up on the wireless network. Haven't played any games to really see if there is a difference but watching videos I have noticed fewer stalls.

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