Friday, July 22, 2011

When good comes around, bad is right around the corner.

I have been having an awesome week. Too good in fact and was nervous. Something was bound to go wrong. It is expected since my luck is tangible at best and whenever something good happens something bad happens to cancel it out.

For example: I was dead broke a few years ago because I had just moved and took a lower paying job. One month I actually had some money left over at the end of the month. Thrilled with the money I decided to keep it and wait to see what I really needed/wanted to spend the money on. Of course two weeks later I got a flat tire that was not repairable. Gone was the extra money!

This week was awesome because I:
Got 6 months free Direct TV service
Negotiated for a higher speed Internet for a much lower rate than I am paying now.
Got a new Kindle no charge to replace my broken one.
Got offered a chance for some overtime (Hospital has requested us not to log any overtime because of budget deficits.)
Negotiated a lower rate on my apartment lease.

Apartment complex decided to paint the carports. They neglected to notify me so I could move the car so it got paint over spray all over it.
Spent 3 hours at car detail place while they removed it. They were unable to remove it from the rubber and plastic parts because they were afraid to damage it.
A couple of keys on my laptop keyboard is sticking and I know the warranty service will want me to ship it to them to look at what is wrong. I don't want to give it up!
Have had a Migraine for the last two days and meds are not working. Gee I wonder why?

So-So Bad
Spent 150 bucks to have the car cleaned but when I turned in the receipt and complained about the damage they agreed to pay the full receipt and throw in a 100 bucks for time/emotional distress.

It is Friday and I still have the weekend to go before this week of wackiness is over. Keeping my fingers crossed and staying home to avoid any hijinks's fate has planned.

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