Monday, July 18, 2011

I have gone mad!

I took the plunge and decided to cancel my Direct TV service. I have been cringing at the money I am paying every month so I decided to take a dive off the deep end and cancel everything.

To make up for it I am setting up a home entertainment network with a spare computer and Xbox 360. It is a learning experience figuring out ways to make things work and get the required computer components. I used to be up to date on computer stuff but have realized how back in the dark ages I am. Technology changes at light speed. We will have to see how it works.

I noticed that most networks play their shows fairly quickly after it is on network television and I can watch it on the Internet. As for news I only read what is online and what I want to know which is usually good stories and weather. Most news stories are really depressing hence my selective picks as to what I read and watch.

I have a membership with Hulu (Yeah, they have commercials but shorter than on cable) and a ton of shows have closed captioning on it. As for netflix I tried them but almost no shows and movies have closed captioning. I am on the trial plan right now and will probably dump them if I don't figure it out before it expires since I am disappointed about that. I discovered it is a problem they knew about for several years and have done nothing to resolve it. A recent lawsuit was filed about it and I hope it gets them to make changes.

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  1. we started full timiming 4.5 months ago and one thing we decided was to not buy cable/direct tv and to be honest we haven't missed it since we almost always get some stations over our antenna