Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Direct TV is crazy.

If you didn't read yesterdays post. Read it first before you read this one.

When I originally cancelled the service the guy kept trying to get me to keep the service. He offered twice, a lower rate to get me to keep the service but I kept telling him no, I don't want to pay for cable anymore and to disconnect it. He finally agreed and it was all done.

Since I had worked an overnight shift at the hospital I was sleeping during the day. I woke up yesterday afternoon and had several missed calls from an unknown number. While making my dinner/breakfast I got a call again from the number. It was a Direct TV rep and she was trying to get me to keep the service and started making offers. Every time she came up with some thing I told her no thanks, I don't want to pay for it any more.  The fourth and final offer she gave me I couldn't refuse.

They gave me a month to month deal, 6 1/2 months free service, then a discounted rate after that on the programming I had with them before I cancelled my account. Well I am not dumb and took them up on it. Who wouldn't with $250 free money. Plus I can cancel anytime without any penalties. She even said if I still didn't want the service after 6 months I can cancel. Are they crazy or what! You all know what I am going to do!

I am still going to set up the home entertainment network because it is a learning experience and because I still don't want to pay for cable. Now I will have time to really tweak it and get some stuff that will upgrade my computer system that I wasn't going to before.

Now I have to do the pain in the a** job of pulling everything out of the boxes I had packed it in and re-install it! Guess I shouldn't have been so quick to tear everything apart!

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