Sunday, October 2, 2011

Food and Diet Restrictions.

Have you ever been really,really sick with the flu. You are lying on the couch dying of nausea and wishing someone would shoot you to put you out of your misery. You watch TV to take your mind off your misery and EVERY dang commercial is related to food!!!!!
Been there and done that.

I am on a restricted diet to manage my symptoms from the surgery until I can get things fixed. Temptation is around everywhere. Well I can tell you it is not fun! I met my sis today for lunch at the Corner Bakery Cafe. When we were ordering the young lady taking our order was asking if I wanted any dessert. I was standing there trying to avoid looking at all the goodies because it was on my No-No list. I was good and didn't have anything but it sucks sometimes. I am a total sugaraholic and they had some stuff that I love. Nope, not worth the misery.

My list of No-No's is long and it is a pain to eat and be creative on what I can have without getting burned out on the same things over and over again. With my busy schedule at work I don't have time to cook complicated meals. I stick with simple, easy, throw a couple of things together meals. Worst comes to worst I nuke a healthy choice meal. Yeah, yeah I can hear some of you out there hollering about the sodium loaded in those. Some of the usual choices have gone out the window and I am searching the internet for different ideas. Most of them are expensive, time consuming to prepare, or just plain weird.

I can now understand how hard it is for someone to avoid temptation when it is around you everywhere. Not to mention the willpower to say no. It has to be ten times as hard for someone with an addiction. Falling off the wagon for them is totally different than for me. I just get pain and misery.

The only side benefit so far has been the weight loss. No, I am not trying to lose weight but it has been coming off. It is okay so far but I will be getting chewed out by my doctor and my family if it starts getting in the ridiculous range. Don't worry, I have a my love handles to work through before it gets to that.


  1. The more limited I am, the more hungry I get.

  2. That which I would not, that do I do...AND why do things that are bad for you have fun names like Twinkies when things that are good for you are named Spinach?


  3. LOL I don't know. Just like the good stuff is expensive and the bad stuff is cheap!

  4. Take care as you deal on a moment by moment basis with the restrictions. I'm semi-fasting this month, by choice, well unless you consider being overweight an illness.

  5. Be careful with the fasting. Some people get carried away or don't do it right. As for my restrictions, I just try to focus on something else when the temptations hit me. Hard but don't have a choice. Pain is a decent motivator to not cheat.