Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Japan offering free flights.

Early this morning I was roaming through the web when I found this article, JAPAN. I thought about how many people would respond to the offer.

Would I do it. Heck Yeah!!!! One of the biggest expense traveling there is the plane tickets and it would be a chance to get a stamp in my empty passport. I love to travel and have always wanted to go see another country. If I had a chance to go it would probably end up being during the time Max is not there since he is slated to be sent from Okinawa to Afghanistan again sometime in February. But he has told me so much about the area that I would love to see it. Granted I wouldn't jump for any sightseeing tours of the nuclear reactor.

I noticed that they are looking for bloggers who will post about their travels there. Probably means someone who has tons of followers so that pretty much cancels me out. Doesn't matter. If they do end up doing the promotion it is a great way for someone, who does not have unlimited resources, to go experience it.

Would you go?


  1. Don't have a current passport!

  2. I do but it is empty because the only time I have traveled outside of the US is on a cruise ship thus no stamps.