Friday, October 14, 2011

My Insurance is giving medical advice!

With everything going on my insurance has assigned me a case worker. I discovered that yesterday when I got a call and she introduced herself and what she was calling me about. She said that she was to be my case worker and would be handling all my insurance claims and needs from now on. I had one once before but that was when I was on short term disability when I had surgery. I think because I requested a referral to a specialist outside of the insurance network they want to control the money going out of their pocket by assigning somebody to keep an eye on me.

I have to say she was nice but they asked me to go see somebody else while waiting to see the specialist. I grudgingly agreed to make them happy. I don't know what good this other person is going to do me other than waste my time and their money but if that is going to make them happy and let me see my guy then whatever.

The other person they want me to see is a spine and sports injury specialist. What the heck!!!!! I am having problems from surgery guys! Another bright example of what is wrong with HMO's.

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