Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy Phoenix

I have never wrote anything on here regarding my political beliefs and many bloggers don't because they don't want to start a comment war. With the recent events regarding the protest Occupy Wall Street movement crossing the country and starting here in phoenix it is hard to ignore.

I hate politics. It is hard to believe in the system anymore when it has turned into a money machine influenced by lobbyists with deep pockets bartering for votes behind the scenes. Not to mention the ridiculous amounts of money the government spends unregulated. Lifetime salaries and benefits for appointed positions. Taxes and social security out of control. I believe the entire system needs a major wake up call and overhaul. Will it happen because of the protests? Not likely. To many hands in the pie to keep the changes from happening.

I was asked if I would participate in the march yesterday and today. I debated on it but even if I wanted to physically I can't. I can't walk for long periods without major pain so marching is out of the question. Would I want to. If it would really help in making the government wake up and make changes, then I would be there even if I had to rent one of those motorized scooters that you see those older folks zipping around in. Also since it is billed as a peaceful protest, which I believe in non-violence, is another plus. Violence would only detract from the message they are trying to get across.

Opposition against the protest

I wish all the people luck in their search for changes and maybe something will happen.


  1. Years ago I asked an Indian (not American) how he felt about the starving people in Calcutta. His answer was a shrug and he said "There will always be the poor." I don't see any equalization of the wealth in our life time, or in our country. Isn't that what Communism was all about? Each to his need, each to his ability.

  2. I am proud and happy to see people energized about the obvious. Who knows where the energy will and can lead? Its a whole lot better than watching TV and eating potato chips all weekend. Who needs an even distribution of wealth? And who wants America to be like India? Not me on both.