Thursday, October 27, 2011

Working consumes time in my life.

As you all have noticed by now that there are times that I don't post anything for a while. I work at a hospital on overnight shift. I have a weird schedule. I work 7 days straight then have 7 days off. When I do work it is a 11 hour shift, or more sometimes, so I basically work, eat, and sleep on those days. Some days I get a chance to get on the computer when I get home and post something. Some days when I get home I can barely see straight and just say hi to the cat and crash on my bed, if I even make it that far. I can't tell you how many times I have woken up still sitting on the couch with the computer on my lap and TV playing the music channel in the background.

The 7 days off used to be nice for getting overtime shifts for extra money but that is a thing of history since there is no more overtime allowed with today's economy. It works out nice for travel, recuperating from getting my butt kicked at work, getting things done at home since I am too tired to do it when I am working, or just sitting at home and vegging on the couch.

It can't tell you how many stories I could write about on here that I see at work but refuse to. I do write about some old stuff but not current stuff. Privacy issues blah blah blah.....It is hard to explain what I do but let's just say I am the only person that does what I do in the WHOLE hospital and that keeps me mighty busy the entire night. So I am pretty tired by morning. The winter season is our busiest time of the year and I am dreading it. With the medical issues I am having it is even harder for me this year and more challenging.

Right now I am on my off week and loving it. I got a chance to actually sleep. The last 4 days of my shift I kept getting woken up by phone calls by various people, insurance, doctors office, problems, and so on. Trying to go back to sleep after the aggravation of those phone calls is useless.

I follow many blogs and love hearing about their travels and look forward to the day that I can retire and do the same. Wish I could retire right now. With the medical problems I am having, my future in my career is in jeopardy because I am having trouble giving them 100%. I was raised with strong work ethics and don't call off sick unless I am dying. I have been looking into what options I have if the specialists can't fix what is wrong. Sucks but I have always been a realist and a planner. I always have to have 3 options figured out ahead of time if something goes wrong because with my life something always goes wrong.

Where do you think I came up with the name of the blog? Don't worry. I am used to it and like my mom said to me one time, it sure makes life interesting.


  1. I have always liked the title of your blog. There are some really good ones out there aren't there!

  2. Merikay, oh I have hit some doozies. But they have given me some good laughs because of them. Just gotta laugh at what fate deals you otherwise you go nutty.