Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Football season in our family

Football Season is here and the kids are in heaven. All four of them are football fanatics. They get it from their father. I don't care for it much. I have a team but not an avid watcher, except for when my team made it to the Super Bowl. Then I was glued to that TV cheering, screaming, and yelling.

How each of the kids picked their team started back in 1995 or so. Zeke and Max were 6 and 4. They would be glued to the TV with their father every weekend watching the games and cheering. I made a simple comment from the kitchen that they couldn't just root for every team. That led to the statement of why not? I continued to cook and left their father to explain the intricacies of that one. After a while their father agreed that they needed to pick their own team. The rule was that they needed to pick a team other than their fathers team, Atlanta Falcons.

What I didn't expect was they called from the living room that I needed to pick a team. I didn't have one.  "I don't know. You go ahead first and let me think about it." They said no, that I had to pick one and they decided I was to go first. I didn't know who to pick. Then I thought where is a good place. I used to live in Arizona and my sister still lives there. Okay, that is a good place. "Whoever is in Arizona." Silence...... "Did you hear me guys." I walked into the living room to a set of disgusted faces and a statement of you are going to never win with that team. "I don't care. That is the team I pick." I have stayed with the Arizona Cardinals since then and after years was finally rewarded when they made it to the Super Bowl. To bad that I lived so close to the stadium at the time and couldn't afford tickets to see them play.

Zeke the oldest went next. He quickly picked the 49'ers. We lived in the San Francisco bay area at the time so it was obvious with 49'ers advertising everywhere that he chose that team.

Max was cute in who he picked. Back then the teams had different uniforms then they do now. Max's favorite color at the time was orange. He thought about it for a while then said "I want Tampa Bay." We all looked at him and asked him why? "Because they have orange uniforms and I like orange." The logic of a 4 year old.

Morgan was born soon after that. I picked up some clothes from the local thrift store and was given some clothes from friends since we were dirt poor at the time. One of them was a cute Green Bay Packer Onesie. Not sure which place it came from. The boys saw that and instantly decided that his team would be Green Bay. Here he was not even a month old and already had a team.

Nicole was the hardest. Right away after she was born Zeke, Max, and their dad argued with me over her team. Since she was born in September they deemed that she needed a team right away and we didn't agree on a team for her. Since she was a girl I decided I had veto rights over all the boys choices. Round and round we went. I suggested the panthers and the looks from them was of stunned horror. "You can't do that to her. They never win. They suck. You have to give her a better team." On and on it went. The three of them went round and round till I got the perfect team. "Okay, I have it. The Vikings." They looked at me confused. "Listen to my logic here. She is a girl, they have purple in their uniform, and blond hair like her. Besides, Max picked a team based on his favorite color orange. So why not pick a team based on purple and blond hair?" They grudgingly agreed.

The football craze still lives on with Morgan playing varsity football at his high school and Nicole working as a watergirl. When she told me she was working as a watergirl the first thing I thought of was the movie Waterboy. They are both loving it and travel often since they live in a small town and there is only a few teams locally to play against. I wanted to take them to a local NFL game on New Years Day when they visit but was horrified at the sticker shock. Those tickets are expensive. Guess it will be the good old boob tube, munchies, and sodas for them like old times.

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