Saturday, December 17, 2011

Discovered something new today..

Today I discovered something I thought was a myth.

Last week while I was off work I decided to have some soup and crackers for dinner. I haven't had it in a while and since it was a cold stormy night, I thought it was a perfect choice. Sitting down with my soup and crackers, Christmas movie playing on the TV, I sat down and got comfortable. My ritual that I inherited from my great grandfather Poppy is to crumble all the crackers and dump them over the soup. I took the first bite and I immediately knew something was wrong. Tripping over Sweetpea I ran to the sink and spit the dinner out. The crackers were rancid. I discovered the box of crackers were expired. YUCK!!!!!!! That started a total tear out of my pantry. Forgotten was the movie and dinner. I threw out the crackers, old stuff that was close to expiring, flour, sugar, a rock that was supposed to be brown sugar, and other basic staples since I couldn't remember how old they were. Now I needed to do some shopping for replacements.

I got off work today and grudgingly went grocery shopping. I usually do my shopping on Mondays after I gather my coupons from the Sunday paper and my coupon list from the website that I belong to, The Grocery Game. I needed to replace the stuff I threw out that I didn't have any coupons for and wanted to get them while the store was freshly stocked for the weekend madness.

Since I had just gotten off work it was early, 7:30 am early, and the store is nice and quiet. The really nice thing about hitting the store at that hour is that there are tons of stuff on managers markdown special in the deli, bakery, and meat department. I love checking out the deals because many times they are small portions that is just enough for one to two people which is perfect for me. I hate having leftover food. Being single and not eating much I hate to waste food. Plus I am bad about forgetting about food in the fridge and it going bad before I remember it. Usually when I am working I almost never eat at home and eat at work so stuff sits in the fridge.

Okay, now back to the first sentence of this post. What is the myth that I am referring to? The one about a grocery store being a singles scene. I thought it was a myth. Well it wasn't today. I was about halfway through my shopping before I finally realize what was around me. Guys and more guys. Weird. Went down an aisle and there was another guy. Went to the butcher section and there was two guys shopping. They were all alone. By the end of my shopping trip I figured that the store was 80% male and they were all shopping by themselves. Dang.... I was actually getting self-conscious at one point. I knew I looked like crap. I had been getting killed at work all night so my hair was limp, eyes blood shot, no makeup, and I'm wearing scrubs which look like pajamas. Not really the stuff to get a guys attention.

If only they shopped on Monday mornings like I do. I can't change my days. I have to do Mondays because of my coupons. Nope, I don't care that all of you girls are screaming at me that I am an idiot. I save too much money with my coupons to change. Groceries are expensive.

Well, maybe I will do a quickie trip there once in a while.


  1. love it... don't overdo the grocery shopping...

  2. Hahaha. No chance of that duke. But I will stop by once in a while just to check and see if it was a fluke or not. I will have to update with a post later and write the results, kinda like an episode of Myth Busters.