Thursday, December 8, 2011

Work has been a strange time this year.

I have been wandering around work shaking my head at the strange things going on a work. We are usually busy when winter hits and by this time of the year, getting slammed. Not this time. This year we bounce from being busy as hell one day to totally still and silent the next. Everyone at work is standing around scratching their heads at the odd situation. We are used to the normal winter mayhem and it is not happening. We are all creatures of habit and are used to being rushed, overworked, and stressed from patients in every nook and cranny. Not this time. What is going on??????

To make matters worse we are having a large number of suicide attempts coming in. That alone is not helping the mood around here. By the time they make it to us there is usually a 50/50 chance that they make it. So far this year our numbers have been pretty depressing of the ones that survive, very few. I don't understand what is happening out there to make these individuals make the choices that they do. If they could only see what we do to save them. See how many people work so hard to save their life. When one of them comes in I know right away that I am going to be running my butt off for the rest of the night trying to keep that person alive. I sigh, say a prayer, and get working. The other night the latest one to come in was actually a couple. Damn.....

All I can say is keep in touch with your friends or family members, especially ones who have been acting different lately. I have talked with someone who thought about committing suicide and he said what stopped him from doing it was a person who actually took an interest in him when he felt like nobody knew he even existed in the world. He had felt lonely and just needed someone to talk to. So maybe a phone call just to say hello to a relative or friend may be worth more than you realize.


  1. That is so true! Not just relatives either, think of some of the friends, even not so close friends that would be picked up by a call that just says hello, I was thinking of you. With all of our busy lives and electronic communication, the phone just doesn't ring anymore.

  2. The holidays are a sad time for many. I personally don't celebrate the holidays anymore and am happier for it. To me it is just another day and if the sun is shining and I have my cup of tea in the morning, a cat purring in my lap all the better. I fight depression every day and if I had to worry about all the preparation, perfection and pleasing of the holiday season I wouldn't make it.
    Yours is an honorable profession. Take care of yourself and be very careful of burnout. Don't forget to feed your heart and soul and take care of yourself...

    Namaste and blessings to you...