Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Resume Nightmares

So today I continue with my new agenda of searching the Internet world for jobs. During this process I am also dusting off my old resume. It has been ages since I have done anything with it because I haven't needed it. Well I can tell you it is a pain in the butt.

The experts say to tailor each resume to the job you are applying for. Not lying but highlighting experience relevant to the exact position you are applying for. Easier said than done. That means that for a simple resume on hand, it has to be rewritten each and every time an application is submitted. Yikes!!!!!!!

As for the jobs I am looking at, I am looking at a wide area. I am actually looking at stuff that is not anywhere even close to what I do today. I figure that somewhere out there is the answer and hopefully I will find it. Some jobs listed are pretty funny, some are downright crazy, and some are grossly underpaid. I can't believe some of the jobs and pitiful salary's out there.

I understand that with the current economy businesses are limited as to what they offer but how can a human be expected to live on pay below poverty level! I believe that you should pay a person what they are worth. If they are happy with their job and earning a salary that is compatible with life then they are most likely to stay and become a valuable and productive member.

In my dept. there is a pretty big turnover rate. Some had to do with burnout, some have had compatibility issues with others, some left for bigger salaries elsewhere, and some were just not wanting to actually work hard. When I went on leave for surgery everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, told me to not go back to work to early and take time to recover. They know me too well. I am a complete workaholic. I am the one who has only called in sick 6 times in the last 8 years. Two of those were because of Max. They know that if I called in sick then I must be dying because I just don't do that.

My parents instilled in me a strong work ethic and it kills me to see people who are casual about their jobs. I go in with the attitude of let's just get the stuff done and out of the way and then you all can chat all you want. Less chance of running behind when S**T hits the fan. Well, everyone else spends the first hour of work just chatting and drinking coffee. Drives me nutso!

Recently I was offered a management position. I debated over that offer for 2 weeks. I had several things on the pro's and con's list and after some negotiations with dept. heads I sadly refused. They were upset but understood my position. I still work under the radar in doing management stuff but dont' have the title, meetings, and politics to deal with. An OK deal overall even though I would have loved to have taken the position.

As for the dept., they don't know about my offer or my refusal. The head honchos thought that the new unexperienced person chosen would be better accepted if they thought that she was first pick. There were alot of rumors, as norm for a hospital, and questions about why I wasn't chosen but I kept my mouth shut and tried hard to get her accepted. She is finally getting into the groove and I hope she does well in her future.

My Motto

Now I need to get back to copy #4 of my resume and see where these applications lead me in the future. Maybe I just might find that job of a lifetime.


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