Sunday, March 27, 2011

NAS Alameda 1985-87

In thinking about the past the fondest memory I have is at Alameda,Ca during the 1985/87 years. I would hang out at the beach and base EM club every weekend. I made tons of friends but to this day can't remember their names. Most went by nicknames, like Sarge or Gerber Baby, or last names. I remember faces though. Go figure.

I made friends with the marines when I met them on the beach one day when my friends and I were hanging out there. Of course being young, single, and skinny as a rail helped. My mother and I eventually got a condo on Shoreline Drive. Our place, The Willows, was on the main drag and had a view of San Francisco and the beach. When we moved in I had several Marine buddies help us move and they only wanted the payment of beer and pizza for the help. Cheap labor, not quite. Those guys could drink and eat a ton....

Club today.

We partied and had a ton of fun. We would be able to flirt our way on the base to go to the club and have one of the guy's escort us inside the club. Shhhh, don't tell anyone. Everyone knew my friends and I because my white camaro was well known. I would also sometime drive there on a motorscooter. Miniskirt, heels and all. The guys loved it.

"Mom" and "Pop" were the two main people that ran the place and even though they came across as tough they loved the guys and wanted everyone to have a great time. Mom was even famous for her chili that she would make special for some of the guys. There was a section of the club just for the Marines and the rest for the navy and other guys. Of course I hung out with the marines because they were the most fun. Before the DJ started we would go upstairs and play pool for free drinks. I was a pretty good pool player then so I never had to buy anything.

I went the Marine Corps Ball in 1986 that was held in Jack London Square. It was a blast and I had so much fun dancing and hanging out with my friends. I don't have any pictures but I found this one. I am the one on the far right of the picture. In typical 80's fashion I had the brown permed hair with the off the shoulder black dress.

I saw the filming of the movie "The Principal" with James Belushi at a local bar. That was a big thing then and if you watch the movie the bar scene was filmed there. I got to see him but didn't get to meet him in person. I wonder if the bar is still there.

I think of the days cruising the main drag, going to Tillie's for a midnight meal, hitting Taco Bell after the club closed, dancing for hours, parties in a hotel room, a quiet town when the ships were out, a noisy lively town when the ships were in, diving out the barracks window when patrol came around (no girls allowed), and generally a fun time in life. I miss it.

I would love to find the guys again and see what they are up to. I heard that there is a reunion planned for those stationed there during then but of course since I wasn't active duty I can't go.


  1. I believe the bar scene for that movie was filmed at Johnny B Goods on Webster Street.

  2. had a very good time,was on the BIG-E,1983 to 1987,a
    lot of good times,what was the name of the hotel,lots of great times ther, PO-1-smith windell ,dean aka,boxcar,