Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunday's Army Wives episode

Years ago I got hooked on watching the series Army Wives. Over the next couple of years I watched it and Max would give me a hard time about it. I kept telling him to just watch it and he would love it to. Finally one day he was bored and watched it with me. I asked him what he thought and he said it was ok. The next weekend he watched it again. I asked him why he was watching it with me and he said that he was bored. After the third time of him watching it with me I accused him of being hooked on it. He flatly denied it. I wasn't easily fooled. When the series ended for the season he asked me when it would be on again. Ah ha, you are so totally busted dude. After giving him a hard time he admitted that he was hooked on it. It became a Sunday tradition of us watching it together.

When he came home on leave after bootcamp the first thing he asked me was did I remember to record the show. When he had finished all of his visiting with relatives and friends we sat down one night and watched all of the episodes that he missed. It was just the two of us and it was like old times with us laughing and enjoying the show.

When Max left for Afghanistan I promised to send him DVD's of the show so he could have something to watch during downtime and he wouldn't miss it. He flatly told me not to. He didn't want anyone in his unit to know that he was hooked on the show and was embarrassed about it. I promised him that if he had them watch the show with him then they would get hooked on it too and watch it with him. I haven't sent any yet and it will be interesting to see what happens.

Megan, Max's girlfriend, had been giving him a hard time about watching the show. She would constantly goad him every Sunday when he would stay home and watch it with me. He kept telling her to watch it but she never did. Finally, one day a week ago she was bored and watched some episodes on Netflix. She texted me later and said that she was sorry about giving Max a hard time and she was totally hooked on it. Can't wait till Max hears about this. He will be razzing her for ages.

This Sunday's episode hit a bit too close to home. It stirred up feelings and emotions with Max being in Afghanistan. I have lost a few friends there and it brought back memories of them. Plus my emotions being in chaos lately didn't help.


  1. A great share. I have enjoyed sharing "Project Runway" with my daughter. Neither one of us is into fashion, but we enjoyed the creative process and the personalities.

    I'll have to look up Army Wives on NetFlix. Hopefully they will be on the instant watch stream.

  2. If you do watch it start from the beginning. It makes for a better viewing experience and you won't be confused.