Monday, March 28, 2011

Radical Changes

With me being in a funk and having tons of time on my hands I decided to do something about it. My sister and I met for lunch Saturday and we talked about everything that was going on and she suggested I do something about it. I just groaned, rolled my eyes, and told her that I didn't even know where to start. But she said start looking at job postings. That maybe it
would give me ideas of what to do or
where to go. Said it can't hurt.

Sooooooo, I started looking online for jobs. I was looking at stuff that is completely different from my current job category. As she suggested, maybe I need a new career field. Burnout is common and I am wondering if this may be the case here. It is intimidating doing job searches again after so long. I will have to dig out the resume, dust it off,
update it, and polish it up.

You should have heard me looking. No, nope, nada, no way, are you crazy enough to do this, hahahaha, maybe, oh a good one, dang, who could live on that salary, uh no thanks, what the heck is that job, could I do that, where in the world is that place, that is in the middle of nowhere, too cold there, oh here is a good one, hmmmm I wonder, but Mom would kill me if I moved there, and so the search went on.

So fingers crossed I will continue searching and hopefully find my answers to the many questions that have come up lately. Now I need to go back to searching online for that little needle in a haystack or Buddha with all the answers.


  1. The job of a lifetime may be waiting out there, but you won't find it unless you look.

    Good luck

  2. Let's just hope that rings true.