Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 5 of Cruise

View from our Balcony
We woke up to a gorgeous view of the rock formations in Cabo. It is quite a sight and is a must have to visit and see.

Mom and I decided to skip the shore visit because we would only be in port until noon. We missed breakfast time in the dining room and had to go the the buffet. That place is noisy, crazy, and what I call “Herding Cattle in a little place”. The food offered was good but it is a chore going thru the long lines. After that we went up to deck 13 to enjoy the view, have some drinks, and watch it go by when the ship left.

Tierd Lounge Area
Later on mom left to wander on her own and I took off to get my bathing suit on and lay in the sun for a little while. They have a nice tier system with the lounge chairs going from deck 12 up to the top. I was able to enjoy great music from my younger days from the band playing on a stage in the pool. It was the band that I met earlier.

View from bar where I found Mom.
 I didn’t stay out too long because I didn’t want to look like some of the other cruisers who were burned red like a lobster already! I saw a lady who was burned to a crisp after one day on the cruise. I can't imagine having to endure the rest of the trip like that.

After an hour of reading my kindle I figured it was time and headed up to the bar on top and get a fresh drink. Sitting there at the bar was mom. We laughed about finding each other and hung out for a while and enjoyed the view. After a while I took off and we agreed to meet later that afternoon after I changed for the evening dinner.

After changing I wandered around and ended up at the casino. I decided to try my luck. Starting with $20 I went to a couple of different slot machines and when I was up to $68 walked away. I was dying to play Blackjack but the dealer was winning to much. I love playing but watch for good dealers before I will go for it. Some dealers are good, some are quiet and not talk with anybody, and some are fun. I like the fun ones. At least you have a good time while you are either loosing or winning money.

Mom and I at the top tier bar on Day 2

Off to Puerto Vallarta

Again for dinner we were paired with other cruisers and had a blast with 2 other couples. Dinner was great but the dessert I picked was a huge disappointment. One of the other gals had ordered a butterscotch sundae and it looked too good to pass up so I sent my dessert back and got one. I had forgotten how yummy it is. Been ages since I had one.

One couple was cute as a button and you could see that they were still totally in love after 33 years. We talked for ages and before we knew it the dining room was practically empty and it was bedtime. We grudgingly bid each other goodnight and hoped to see each other again somewhere around the ship. Time flies when you are having a great time.

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