Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 6 of the Cruise

As usual I was the first one to wake and had a start. Sitting outside our room was another cruise ship right next to us. I could see people on that ship sitting on their balconies and walking around. It was the Disney Wonder ship. First thing I thought of was "Great people are walking around and seeing us sleeping here!"

If you look in the parking lot there is the
Walmart and Sam's Club.
I went outside on the balcony to do my daily writing on the computer while mom gets ready for the day. The second shocking thing I see when I stepped out and looked around is a Walmart Superstore and Sam's Club on shore. HUH!!!!! I am sitting here, in Mexico, docked in a port with that in my view. Too weird!

Christina and Cassandra
We got a delicious breakfast at the dining room and ran into my brother’s girlfriend and her daughter. We agreed to meet after breakfast and share a taxi ride into town to go shopping. Since we are docked in a port we just had to walk off the ship to go into town. The first thing I saw when we walked off was a sign advertising an excursion to go Zip-lining in the jungle canopy. I was sooooo dying to do that and bummed that I couldn't. Going to have to come back some day to do the stuff I couldn't on this trip.

The shopping district is 3 miles away and you have to take a taxi there. When we got into the taxi van with a bunch of people to go downtown for shopping a passenger suddenly said “Hey, I know you. You were the one that got us all to have seconds of the lobster dinner!” Amazing how fast you make friends on a cruise.

We rode downtown and I was admiring the view. Unlike Cabo which is sandy and dry, Puerto was warm, humid, and jungles in the hills. We walked with my brothers family for a while and then they took off and first thing on our agenda was finding a bar to rest. While walking I looked to my left and laughed because there was a flying cow in the entrance.

View from Bar.

We ended up in a bar just after that and spent quite a while people watching. We saw that there was several sand sculptures on the beach in front of us and they were amazing. I don't know how long it took them to build but it was definitely a work of art.

We took off and went shopping and haggled but the vendors here are much more stubborn about their prices. I was able to finish my souvenir shopping for the kids. Mostly we walked around, took breaks (for gimpy me) and had a drink, snacked, walked some more, break again, and shopped till we dropped.

It was fun and before we were ready it was time to go back. When we got back to the ship we dropped our items off and went up to deck 7 to watch the view go by when we left port. While waiting we noticed that there was a Mexican navy base in front of us. All of a sudden we started hearing cadence. Coming around the corner was a recruit group running and singing cadence. It was weird hearing it in Spanish and I wish I knew what they were singing. It instantly reminded me of Max and made me miss him. They ran by and later came around again. They stopped in front of us and started doing push ups, uno, dos, tres, and so on. I am sure they were doing it on purpose as a show for the ship's passenger and it worked. Everyone loved it.

We left port and I was sad because it was the end of the stops and we were heading home. Time has flown by quickly and knowing the end was coming sooner than I was ready.

After we left the port it was time for dinner so we quickly changed and headed down. They biggest surprise was that when the elevator opened, standing there at the end of the line was the cute married couple from the previous night. We laughed and instantly agreed that we had to dine together. Then my brother’s family showed up right after that and we became a party of 7 for dinner. We all had a wonderful dinner and too much fun talking again.

After dinner mom and I decided to stop by her favorite bar for a night cap and ended up staying for quite a while enjoying the music and company of her favorite bartender. Mom stayed while I bailed to go to bed. The day went by so quickly and I was tired but it was fun.

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