Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 7 of Cruise

I am awake early this morning and sitting here on the balcony, with much cooler weather, view of endless ocean, and trying not to wake mom up. She had a bit too much fun yesterday and wanted to sleep in this morning. We are on our 2 days ocean travel and you can instantly tell the temperature difference from yesterday. Yesterday was warm and muggy but not so bad that you were uncomfortable. Today is much cooler and no mugginess. Today we agreed to have a lazy day and there is formal dining tonight.

Every night our room steward leaves a towel animal and a flyer of the next days events. We usually will read it that night or the next morning to decide on what to do. My favorite towel animal was the monkey and a mouse in my bed.

After having a lazy morning and missing breakfast we then decided to part ways so mom could do her power walk and I could do some shopping before we found something to eat. I took off to check out a brand name sale where everything was $10 each. Wow!!!! Gotta check this out!

Atrium area and balcony of Blue Lagoon above.

The sale started early that morning and I figured since it was mid-morning it wouldn’t be as crowded. I was sooooo wrong. In the atrium area they had 3 tables set up and there were crowds around all 3 of them. So I waited to get to one table and got down to one gal. Just as she is moving away from the table a lady shoved her way in front of me. Ok, rude. Then just as she is moving away I got shoved aside again by another lady. I was upset and wanted to say something but didn’t. Geeeze people, this is supposed to be a cruise. What happened to courtesy? So, disgusted with people, I walked away and went to the duty free shop. Surprisingly they also had some tables set up there of the same stuff. There were a lot less people and they were courteous. I got a couple of items and did my liquor shopping also.

Mom and I met up in the Blue Lagoon Restaurant and had a light snack so we would be hungry for lunch in the dining room. It was nice and a perfect spot. It seems not many cruisers go there for some reason. We commented that we should have gone there when we miss breakfast in the dining room. Bit too late to figure that one out.

Lunch time we were asked if we wanted to dine with others and said sure. We have had great luck in meeting great people and didn't hesitate. We were seated near the rear of the dining room where they have these huge windows that give an awesome view of the ocean. The picture kinda gives you an idea. They sat us with a gal that was traveling alone. Her husband was sick and couldn't make it but he told her to go anyway. She was awesome and we had fun because mom and I had a lot in common with her. Food was too good, I am going to gain all the weight I lost from surgery back. Oh, well! It is sure worth it!

We were lazy and walked around and people watched. There was not any activities or shows that we wanted to see and do. We did go to the Casino so I could try my luck and mom got addicted to this quarter machine. I gave her $4.75 in change that I had and she played for over an hour. She came out ahead.

We spent time out on the top tier bar and watched the zillions of kids playing on the water slides and the pool. A passenger told me that there was 450 kids on this cruise. Spring Break I guess. Even though it is noisy from all the kids around the pool, here on top in the bar area it is pretty quiet.

Mom forgot to take a picture so this is the
cruise ships picture.
 We of course had to stop by the pub to see mom's favorite bartenders. There are 2 of them and they were great. One of them, on the last night of the cruise, made my drink extra strong as a treat. The ship is strict about the alcohol amount in drinks because they make most of their money from the bar tab so that was a real treat.

In the atrium area there are 3 sculptures of birds flying and it looks amazing from either below or above. Mom got a great picture of it.

Spinnaker Lounge, taken on first night.

That evening we met up with my brothers family for dinner in the dining room. It was a great meal as usual and we ate too much. After that we wandered around and went to the spinnaker to check out things. There was a show going on that we forgot about and watched the end of it. Oh well! The purpose of the cruise is to be lazy, not be on a schedule.

I called it a night and mom took off to the pub again for Karaoke fun.

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